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Aug 5 2012, 03:24 PM
If Europe is the center of the literary world as petulant Birne claims let's stay aside of the big names that always appear and let's focus on four European countries that for some reasons they don't have a laureate so far. Three of them have a good chance for next years as they have very solid writers.
Irony dear Daniel irony :)

nice summary for the Netherlands, Albania and Romania, the mentioned ones are probably really the leading candidates from those countries. At least in Russia Shishkin seems to be the star of the scene already and he has started to gather prizes all over Europe. Also they have already 9 of his books in the nobel library ;)

I have read the same book as Canox did and found it very good. I have the first part of those Orbitor books somewhere here but have not started yet... I also have Maidenhair by Shishkin but...
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