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Aug 5 2012, 03:32 PM
Aug 5 2012, 03:24 PM
Romania: Although lot of people claimed Müller's prize for Romania, it was evident that despite the inspiration given to Frau Müller's came from Ceaucescu's dictatorship, the language in which se wrote and her Swabian origins made this more German than Romanian. Now they have the chance from now to many years to have a laureate on their own in the person on Mircea Cartarescu. I'm the less indicated to talk about him as I barely have read him, but I find him a very interesting figure in the international literary overview. Probably he is too young now right now at 56 years old, but he's got everything in favor to eventually win the Nobel prize.

Russia: I know everyone will say the Russians have inherited the USSR laureates and literary tradition but reality is that since the Sovietic Union dissolved they haven't have a winner on their own; frankly there hasn't even been a name that sounds strong to get it. The difference from Russia to the other three countries is that I don't see a clear figure that can stand above the rest and have a real chance to be back at the top of the literary establishment. Please feel free to show my ignorance on this field as probably I'm missing a big name in here.
OH! I loved the one novel by Cartarescu that I read. Fantastic, fantastic book. And Björn has been wiping cum stains off his trousers ever since reading the Oribitor books. SO I would be fine with that.

As for Russia, Ada has been pushing this author recently http://w11.zetaboards.com/thefictionalwoods/topic/7824156/1/#new

What do you think? Too young?
I feel the same way about Cartarescu, he has to be one of the best 5 or 10 writers in the world right now...It may be heresy (pun intended) but i even prefer him to Schulz
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