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Aug 6 2012, 04:31 AM
Who else of those Americans has a reasonable chance? DeLillo the fourth elephant, but somehow I cannot see him win over the other three. Who else? Ashbery? But are there prose writers that are underappreciated? Writers that could win without civil war breaking out in the States?
The Academy have all but said that Oates won't get it, which won't stop people speculating on her either. Nor B-b D-l-n.

Irving? I've never read him, and he does seem a bit too lightweight, but if you want to believe that the Academy's choices are always political, they could do worse than to praise The Cider House Rules against the current debate in the US... Plus, he's not one of the top contenders, which might improve his chances.

But yeah, if it's an American, I'd say it's down to the big three. I doubt they'll go for a poet two years in a row.
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