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Aug 6 2012, 01:48 AM
I mean, am I wrong in looking at the past years and seeing either way overdue writers like Tranströmer, Pinter or Lessing, very old writers, too (I mean Pinter died within three years of receiving the award), or younger writers like Pamuk and Müller who had just recently-ish published a novel to great acclaim, a book that was widely translated etc. (Snow/Atemschaukel). Cartarescu would fall into the second category age-wise but he would lack the element of momentum, so to say.
I know that one easily falls into the habit of looking for such kinds of 'rules' or trends, I am doing this myself too, but I do not think I would agree here. There have been writers in recent years who do not fit into either of these categories: Le Clezio, Jelinek, Coetzee, Kertesz. So just because the last two years the prize went to longstanding favorites one cannot derive that this year's prize must go to a relative unkown one. How about candidates in between, Nadas for example, or Marias.

Thanks for this nice overview of the American Creme de la Creme. Again checking the Nobel library ;) they do not even have all novels of McCarthy there... but Oates, Barth, Coover, Gass, Ondaatje are all well covered.
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