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Wow, it seems that the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe is also the Chairman of the Nobel Comittee:

Jagland is in favour of Norwegian membership of the European Union. In 1990, he published the book Min europeiske drÝm[11] (My European dream). He has also proposed the European Union be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Peace Prize was finally awarded to the European Union by Jagland himself in 2012.
(from wikipedia)

That's funny... surprised there wasnt any fake, pointless outrage over this.

It is a very telling sign of our strange times that at least in Europe the only successfull (anti-capitalist) oppostion parties are those of the far right, nationalist populists, neo-fascists, Islam "critics" etc. Everyone criticizing the policies of the European Union has to come to terms with this fact, I think. I also like how biscuits called himself an "old fashioned internationalist" - that's the spirit. (so strangely lacking in so many leftists today)

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