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Haven't read anything by Mistry. What type of writer is he, generally?

My picks would probably be:

Poets the only real options for me are: Adonis, Ko Un, and Tanikawa Shuntarō . Shuntarō is probably the one most people are least familiar with, but he has an almost 6 decade career as a poet in Japan, and has consistently been one of the nation's most popular and translated poet for many years, not to mention a translator himself. Here's an example of one Tanikawa's striking and intense poems, from a later collection:


Itís a tangled road
a snarl of yarn that canít be unraveled
there is one exit, being a maze,
the blue sky alone, opening above.

I have been chasing you
hoping to glimpse the far-off place
you gaze at, to see past your back,
around corners of dawn, past noons in the park.

Along rivers of evenings, overpasses of darkness
a map of days was followed,
yet coming to an open view of the mountains
I lost sight of your receding form.

Playwrights: Edward Albee

Novelists/fiction writers: Amos Oz, Ngugi wa-Thiogo, and Peter Carey are the only ones that come up that I'm remotely qualified to judge and don't find particularly offensive. Murakami could fall into that category too, but I can't get over myself and my opinion of him as both overrated because of his western chic-ish-ness (his profile in Japan is nowhere near as enormous and respected as you would think given his ubiquitous presence as the singular example of Japanese literature on most American bookshelves), and that I want him to have to wait a while longer before winning. It would be a shame, if he won rather than someone like Tanikawa Shuntaro.
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