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John Gargo
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Best not to get too annoyed with Ellis, and an extended view of his twitter page makes it obvious that he's mostly just content to play the contrarian... some of it is amusing, if predictable (calling the latest critical darling film "overrated," bemoaning the state of current cinema, vapid tabloid-obsessed observations that we wouldn't expect from a "real writer"). He occasionally will drop the act and say something genuine. He had this to say about The Goldfinch last month, for example:


Bret Easton Ellis @BretEastonEllis

This is Donna Tartt's best novel. It's nearly 800 pages long and I've been savoring it for over a month. Inspiring.

So there is a person behind the persona, so to speak, but you have to navigate through all the mock-controversial posturing. :)
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