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Well, A Million Windows is fresh in my mind so I'll mention Gerald Murnane as usual. He peaked in the Ladbrokes odds about four or five years ago, but he's been on quite a tear since Barley Patch (and he apparently has two more books finished that Giramondo, his publisher, are sitting on to space them out more), and I think his stock is as high as it has ever been. He's been fairly widely translated into Swedish and apparently has a following there, so if there were to be the first Australian since Patrick White in 1973 receive it he would have to be the lead candidate. He's also getting on in years. The most likely after Murnane would be David Malouf (also a venerable age) I'd say.

Here's a left field suggestion that I've never seen come up before: what do people think about Art Spiegelman? Graphic novelists never seem to get mentioned in the mix of novelists/playwrights/poets, but if one were to get the nod it would have to be Spiegelman wouldn't it?

Murakami has also been prolific lately and he's been at the top of the odds for a few years. That doesn't mean he's at the top of the Academy's list, of course, but I wouldn't be surprised if he got it.

Salman Rushdie hasn't knocked one out of the park for a while and Joseph Anton got pretty bad reviews, but I could also see him getting it at some point. Maybe not this year. (He's also fresh in my mind after seeing him speak last week.)
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