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Sep 4 2014, 07:43 AM
Here's a left field suggestion that I've never seen come up before: what do people think about Art Spiegelman? Graphic novelists never seem to get mentioned in the mix of novelists/playwrights/poets, but if one were to get the nod it would have to be Spiegelman wouldn't it?
That's a fun idea. I'm not sure if the older members of the Academy would even consider him, but he's certainly closer to "established" literature than, say, Dylan, and I agree that he's one of very few graphic novelists who could qualify. (I honestly can't come up with anyone else. Satrapi?) I wonder if it'd hurt his chances that the vast majority of readers think he only ever wrote Maus?

My own growing dissatisfaction with Murakami aside, IMO by now he falls into the category of writers who don't need the Nobel, along with Roth, Oates and that lot. Giving it to them is a no-win situation for the Academy since it'll just look like caving to pressure, plus they're already widely read and arguably more well-known for not getting the prize. They hardly need the cash, either. (That said, there are certainly worse choices on the "Why can't they ever give it to someone I've heard of" list. I know for a fact that there are journalists in Sweden who are sure that Coelho has already got it.)

Trying to find patterns is always tricky, but I wonder if they feel that giving it to Munro last year gives them carte blanche to go with someone with less established mainstream appeal this year. Coetzee was followed by Jelinek, Lessing by Le ClÚzio, Vargas Llosa by Transtr÷mer...

Speaking of Alexievich, though, I just got my hands on the brand-spanking new Swedish translation of Zinky Boys. If she does get it, her Swedish publisher probably deserves a cut - does anyone know if her books are getting republished in English at all? I know several of them have been published at some point, but Voices From Chernobyl seems to be the only that's been in print this millennium?
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