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Sep 5 2014, 02:35 AM
Sep 4 2014, 11:58 PM
Sep 4 2014, 08:29 PM
Yes, seen this. Amish Tripathi probably have overtaken Chetan Bhagat with his 'Shiva-trilogy' in popularity. The new virus of 'Book-bucket Challenge' in facebook, had more Amish Tripathi books in the Top 10 lists. I have thus far resisted the recommendations from the 'well-read' with 10 books under their belt telling me what I miss by not reading 'Shiva trilogy' and '5 mistakes'.

On a serious note, I do not see any one from India getting this in the near future. It's my personal opinion that most of the Indian-English writing is shallow and superficial and the regional language writing ( Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil for example where the literary scene is more vibrant) lack from quality translation to English.
Mahaswata Devi seems to come up once a year, only to languish in the backwater and be forgotten again until next year. But she has been translated into Swedish (not extensively, but very well), and would certainly fit the "idealistic" part of the prize as I understand it... But the odds of them picking two short-story writers in a row are rather high.

Other recent translations/retranslations into Swedish: Both Nooteboom and Kadare. By the same fine publisher that's currently pumping out Ngugi rereleases, so they seem to be hedging their bets.
Mahaswethadevi is probably an exception. She is not strictly a short story writer with large body of works in both Novel and short story. She probably is one of the better ( in terms of quantity) translated Bengali writers. If there is one pick, it could be her.

U R Ananthamurhty,while active in the scene, did not have any major publications in the recent years. His master pieces 'Samskara' or 'Bharatiputra' are written way back in the sixties/seventies. Now that he is no more, no further dwelling is required.
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