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I'd like to mention Portuguese novelist Lidia Jorge as a Nobel-worthy writer.

The Renaudot Prize is a great guide to good recent francophone fiction. It has acknowledged key figures like Annie Ernaux (1984) and Rene Depestre (1988).

Since 2000 it has been rewarding consistently interesting writers:
Ahmadou Kouruma for his masterpiece Allah n'est pas oblige
The aforementioned Nina Bouraoui and Alain Mabanckou
Scholastique Mukasonga for her first novel Our Lady of the Nile, despite the fact that it was not among the novels shortlisted for consideration by the jury! It will be available in English translation this month.
Emmanuel Carrere for his excellent Limonov
Philippe Claudel, writer and movie director
Irene Nemirovsky for her Suite Francaise
Martine Le Coz author of original, religiously themed fiction
Frederic Beigbeder, lucky dude married to supermodel Lara Micheli
Virginie Despentes, author of 'interesting' books like Apocalypse Baby and Bye-bye Blondie.
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