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I have been revisiting David Damrosch's World Literature in Theory where there is an interesting analysis of the prize. I am convinced of the immense complexity bestowed upon the Swedish academy for this prize much more so that the other Nobel prize or any other literary prize, a complexity (as it exists today) which Nobel himself could not have envisaged.

On the question of a world literary space:

"One objective indicator of the existence of this world literary space is the (almost) unanimous belief in the universality of the Nobel Prize for literature. The significance attributed to this award, the peculiar diplomacy involved, the national expectations engendered, the colossal renown it bestows; even (above all ?) the annual criticism of its Swedish jury for its alleged lack of objectivity, its supposed political prejudices, its aesthetic errors - all conspire to make this annual canonization a global engagement for the protagonists of literary space. The Nobel prize is today one of the truly international literary consecrations, a unique laboratory for the designation and definition of what is universal in literature. The echoes it creates each year, the expectations aroused, the beliefs stirred all reaffirm the existence of a literary world stretching across virtually the entire planet, with its own mode of celebration, both autonomous - not subject, at least not directly, to political, linguistic, national, nationalist or commercial criteria - and global. In this sense, the Nobel prize is a prime, objective indicator of the existence of a world literary space"
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