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One more quote, this time from Modiano's Dora Bruder:

Among the women that [14 years old] Dora could have met in Tourelles, there were those who the Germans called "the friends of the Jews": a dozen French women of "Aryan" blood who had found the courage, in June, during the first day in which Jews had to wear the yellow star on their clothes, to also wear it in solidarity, but in a fanciful and insolent manner, according to the occupation authorities. One of them hung the yellow star from the neck of her dog. Another one had embroidered on it: PAPOD. Another, JENNY. Another had pinned seven stars to her belt, each containing a letter of the word VICTORY. All were arrested on the street and taken to the nearest police station. Then sent to a preventive prison. Then to Tourelles. Then, on August 13, to the Drancy camp. The "friends of the Jews" belonged to the following professions: typists. Shop assistant at a stationery store. Newsgirl. Housewife. Post Office Employee. Students.

I'll never know how Dora spent her days at the time, where she was hiding, who accompanied her during the first months of her first flight and during the weeks of spring when she escaped again. It's her secret. A modest and precious secret which executioners, Nazi ordinances, the so called occupation authorities, sordid prisons, History itself, Time -all the things that soil, debase and destroy us- haven't been able to snatch away from her.
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