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Oct 30 2014, 11:07 AM
Very good points, Tudwell. In my defense, I read Modiano many years ago, and the bits I quoted were the ones that stuck in my memory, and memories are capricious things. For example, all I remember of Quo Vadis are the Petronius Arbiter parts.

In any case, this year's Nobel prize has done something good: it brought to the attention of many readers a very interesting writer. At our sister site (the World Wrestling Literature Forum) most of the regulars who gave Modiano a chance have been pleasantly surprised. And one of the good things about Modiano is that even if all his books resemble each other a little bit, they're different enough to reward an extensive exploration of his oeuvre.
No need to defend yourself. I'm glad you posted some stuff to try to show others the quality of Modiano's work. I just know from personal experience that most quotes, lacking context, don't leave much of an impact on me, which might explain why some people can't see the beauty in those words that you or I see. (Or we simply have different tastes.)
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