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I thought to start this thread early (and maybe lure our resident Swede back here whose comments are absolutely essential)

My prediction is that Thomas Pynchon will win the Nobel Prize for 2015. My secondary prediction is that he will turn up and claim the prize.

Firstly I think he deserves it and secondly, I have seen in the past year or so a significant increase in using his works as a comparison (“Pynchon-like” et al) in assessing other great/good works.

I think it is also important to assess the Academy, the decision makers and in this regard there have been two main changes.

I previously made in Triv. Obs. thread : “With Englund stepping down in May as PS for Nobel P for L (as planned) it will be interesting to see what influence the new PS, Prof Sara Danius will have – a wild, early prediction given her background, her influences etc is that the award will be given to a US author of the likes of Pynchon. For instance, Frederic Jameson includes Pynchon on his shortlist of exemplary postmodernists.”

And it seems the newest member of the Academy, voting for the first time, Klas Östergren, may have been influenced by Pynchon (for instance his book Gentlemen has been compared to Pynchon’s works and the film based on that novel has a “Bleeding Edge” feel to it).

I may have to read Gentlemen out of interest to confirm the comparison.

See for example http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/gentlemen-toronto-review-730814
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