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The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture anime dealt with a group of college students who created a club dedicated to the discussion of cartoons, video games, comic books and other modern visual cultural artifacts.

In the show's second season, titled Genshiken Nidaime, this one character, who graduated from college and became a hard working salaryman, notices that the comic book convention, Comiket, begins the next day. Harunobu Madarame then realizes that he doesn't care anymore about something that had obsessed him in the past: work's daily grind has sapped his soul away.

That's how I've felt about Nobel season this year so far. But bearing in mind that we must "illegitimi non carborundum", let me give a shout out to my main women Olga Tokarczuk, Ana Blandiana, Celine Minard, Natsuo Kirino, Can Xue, Adelia Prado, Cristina Fernandez Cubas and Cynthia Ozick. Anyone of them would make a worthy Nobel Prize winner.
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