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The Nobel prize prediction or speculation process is, I guess, fun and games as we try to interpret the influences, the thinking of a small group of learned individuals from one country governed by a broad principle or we put forth an argument as to why an author/poet should win. At times, there is a staleness as the same authors, arguments are regurgitated year after year (and we are all guilty of that)- but it is not always the case. I benefit from the speculation process more that the announcement (as is the case with other awards) both discoveries and ceasing wrongful neglect through analysis provided by others here. I also enjoy revisiting the speculations of the past as well eg: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1966/10/nobels-hits-and-misses/305482/ and taking a historical perspective.

With all its faults and limitations, and there are many, the Nobel is undeniably the most prestigious prize from a global perspective. Yet, it is just a prize, a recognition, a badge, nothing more, doesn't add colour to the story, poem in ink.
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