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@Bjorn, which books of his did you read? He has two distinctive stages in his career, so someone who likes the former might not enjoy the latter. Revolutions is nominally a parallel bildungsroman. A young adolescent growing up in contemporary times who learns about his great-grandfather, the chapters switching viewpoints. It has a panoply of his favored topoi: nature, a lost paradise, the wickedness of man, the ennui of academy, war, national identity, pop culture, nautical adventures, food, childhood. It's ambitious, messy, at times pandering, and I doubt you'll go away from it changed for life, but it's a fun, enjoyable read.

@redhead, yeah, if you like Interrogation, you'll like Giants. (I read a first-edition hardcover from the library, and, not being familiar with the recently-printed paperbacks/English, perhaps you should do the same because mine had transparent pages, fold-out ones, varying fonts, and more.) Basically everything of his in the Gallimard L'Imaginaire is great - but Fever can be skipped. That collection is fantastic for finding experimental, forward-thinking literature, by the way. http://www.gallimard.fr/searchinternet/advanced?collection=496&SearchAction=1#/searchinternet/advanced/(sauthors)/J.+M.+G.+Le+Cl%C3%A9zio?collection=496&SearchAction=OK

Considering you like the sentences of Oe and Simon and the the ideas of Bellow, I recommend you check out a book I mentioned before, Yaakov Shabtai's Past Continuous. You'll love it.
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