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Nov 29 2015, 11:58 AM
@redhead, yeah, if you like Interrogation, you'll like Giants. (I read a first-edition hardcover from the library, and, not being familiar with the recently-printed paperbacks/English, perhaps you should do the same because mine had transparent pages, fold-out ones, varying fonts, and more.) Basically everything of his in the Gallimard L'Imaginaire is great - but Fever can be skipped. That collection is fantastic for finding experimental, forward-thinking literature, by the way. http://www.gallimard.fr/searchinternet/advanced?collection=496&SearchAction=1#/searchinternet/advanced/(sauthors)/J.+M.+G.+Le+Cl%C3%A9zio?collection=496&SearchAction=OK

Considering you like the sentences of Oe and Simon and the the ideas of Bellow, I recommend you check out a book I mentioned before, Yaakov Shabtai's Past Continuous. You'll love it.
Thanks for the recs, Shabtai sounds right up my alley and early Le Clezio definitely interests me. Unfortunately, it seems like despite many of them getting translated into English, his Nobel win did little to raise their profile, with the exception of The Interrogation. What did you think of some of his other early works, like Book of Flights, War and Fever?
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